About me

As strange as it may seem I was a baby too when I was born. That was also the moment I scored a perfect 10 – my Apgar score. Since then this has never happened again, being, just like birth and death, a unique movement.
In tune with this site’s profile, it’s worth mentioning my seventh grade year when I bought my first camera, a Smena 8. Unlike today’s full frame cameras, my Smena was fully manual. Along with my camera I received my first photography book: it fitted in my palm, and it was my first and only photography mentor for a while. I went through exposure tables, ISO or ASA dilemmas, various distances and weather presets. I should also mention my UPA 510 enlargement machine, the developing tank and its developer and fixer bottles. One thing I’m embarrassed to reveal is how I got my first red light source. Don’t ask!
Unfortunately, during college I gave up photography despite the fact that I had access to rolls of film, I could afford to buy them, and I could have developed them easily.
Filled with remorse I returned to photography in 2007, this time nurturing a mature love for this wonderful hobby. I don’t have the slightest clue where photography will take me in the future, but you can check out what I have been doing up till now in the links below:

black & white photography – places of nowhere

photographos – inspiring travel photography

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